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Homeownership Counseling

HCG offers a variety of counseling services, from one-on-one counseling to assist credit-ready clients with basic prepurchase information with referrals to Realtors and Lenders who have demonstrated the knowledge and patience first time home buyers need, while providing access to the numerous programs available to first time home buyers.
Individual Development Account Program (IDA).

The IDA Program is a comprehensive 6-12 month program that enables participants to establish matched savings accounts that can be used for their first home. Participants are required to complete economic literacy and homebuyer education classes, clean up credit, establish a budget and savings schedule, and manage money long term.

  • Long-term budget planning that requires participants to track all spending
  • Monthly sessions with an IDA Success Coach
  • Family involvement towards the goal of homeownership
  • Skills established to maintain an Emergency Fund, at all times
  • Classes taught by professionals in the Real Estate, Lending, and Banking professions to help participants to become educated consumers

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