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Foreclosure Counseling

  • While the number of foreclosures in NC is declining, there were still 30,196 foreclosure filings in NC through November 30, 2014; 1,947 in Guilford County; 5,594 in the Piedmont/Triad area. (Source: NC Administrative Office of the Courts, 12/8/14 web update)
  • HCG has a streamlined approach to help its clients figure out the best solution to their homeownership problems by negotiating on the clients’ behalf while educating clients on better money management skills to avoid future problems.
  • HCG continues to monitor foreclosure  trends and provide counseling with the goal of offsetting the above statistics and helping families stay in their homes.

If you are facing foreclosure, the State Home Foreclosure Prevention Project (SHFPP) offers free help.

To get help, call the State Home Foreclosure Prevention Project at 1-888-442-8188. Your call will be answered Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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